A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

10/20/2019, Rev. Dr. Amy Aitken, Scripture: Romans 12:9-21

Worshipful Reflection

  1. Who are those people who have helped you become who you are? 

  2. What is most essential to who you are? What values and ideals would you hope inform the person you are in the world?

  3. How do you see, or would you hope to see, these essential values and ideals, represented in the day-to-day choices in your life? 

Living Intentionally: Stewardship of Gifts

09/29/2019, Rev. Dr. Amy Aitken, Scripture: Genesis 1:27-31; Luke 12:13-21

Questions for reflection

In what ways can I be a good steward of the resources God has entrusted to me (money, possessions, talent, time, education, experience, etc.)?

How can I best employ my gifts in the service of God and for the benefit of others?

What steps am I willing to take in order exercise greater stewardship of creation (e.g., by living more simply and avoiding wasteful extravagance)?

Living Intentionally: Relationship with Myself

09/22/2019, Rev. Dr. Amy Aitken, Scripture: Genesis 1:26-2:3; Matthew 11:28-30

Questions for reflection

Where in my relationship with myself do I recognize the need for change or balance?

How will I care for myself (e.g., by eating healthy foods and by getting regular exercise and adequate sleep)?

How will I preserve a "balance" in my life, so that one area of life (work, for example) doesn't dominate other areas?

How will I express my creativity and develop my mind (through study and reading, the arts, music, etc.)?

How can I incorporate times for rest and recreation into my day, my week, my year?

Living Intentionally: Relationship to Others

09/15/2019, Rev. Dr. Amy Aitken, Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

Questions for reflection

What guidelines can I identify that would help me grow in love for my spouse, my family, my friends, my colleagues in the workplace, and others?

How will I seek and serve God in others, especially in those who are different from me?

In what ways can I contribute to the work of God in the world, advancing the cause of peace, justice and bringing healing reconciliation and hope to my community, my church, my nation and the world?