Riviera United Methodist Church Beacon Newsletters

September 2018

Pastor's Message (continued): 

Several weeks ago, our office manager, Eva Cruz-Aedo, notified me that she had accepted a position at her alma mater, Loyola Marymount University. While we are certainly excited for this new opportunity in her career, we are sad to lose her warm, friendly and professional presence from our office. As a pastor, I have come to rely on Eva for just about everything: her knowledge of the church and its members, our programs, community, and basically, keeping me and the church organized and sane. We will certainly miss Eva’s presence and gifts in our front office, but rest assured, she and her family will remain a part of our congregation.

As soon as our Staff-Parish Relations Committee learned of her departure, we updated the job description and began our search for a new office manager. We are grateful to share that we have hired Tracy Underwood to join our ministry team as our new office manager. Tracy and her family live in Torrance and attend Rolling Hills United Methodist Church. Tracy spent twenty years working with Toyota Motor Sales as a National Manager in the Community Relations Department. When Toyota decided to move to Texas, Tracy and her family decided to stay put here in the South Bay (can you blame them?!). Tracy has two daughters, one who is in her second year of college and another who is a senior at South High. We welcome Tracy to the wonderful ministry team here at Riviera.

As we begin the Fall season, I invite you to “lean in” to the ministry of our church. Join us for worship just as often as you are able, join a class or small group, participate in one of our opportunities to serve in the community, and continue to hold the church and its ministries in your prayers.  

See you in church!  Pastor Amy


Sierra Service Project (continued):

"We learned a lot about the immigration issues facing our country, and it was such a powerful experience getting to see it for ourselves. Thousands upon thousands of refugees who are unable to enter the US are now settling in Tijuana, greatly adding to the population and need down there.  The SSP mission in San Diego is very much needed.

We got to listen to the pastor of El Faro Border Church who works tirelessly to help the refugees settle in Tijuana. Most of them are still in crisis mode and there are just so many of them. Another reminder to us of how blessed, fortunate and lucky we are to have been born in America.

Our RUMC youth were resilient, strong and incredible examples of young people doing God’s work. I know that we all came back with a renewed perception of the world. God is good! All the time! 

Angela Hurd, Director of Youth Ministry

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Staff Spotlight: Fabiola Lainez  (continued):

...She went through a difficult period in her life, but she prayed a lot and believes that her faith got her through it. Fabiola enjoys being a mom, and she believes that God granted her the gift of being a woman and granting her wish by giving her children.
Fabiola likes to clean for the church and our preschool. She states that it is really peaceful when she does her work, and often when she has finished, she sits on the benches and talks to God.

Outreach Ministry: Fall Activities and Summer Wrap-up (continued):

During the summer months Riviera had many opportunities to support the Toberman Neighborhood Center, and the response was fantastic!  For six weeks church and community groups made sack lunches for 100 children in Toberman’s Summer Program.  These were delivered to Toberman every Thursday for the kid’s field trips. We would like to thank the ROMEOs, Women’s Bible Study group, UMW, Children’s Ministries and Girl Scout Troop 14375 and their leader Ana Sakurai for volunteering to provide food and make lunches. One week, as part of their mission education, the participants at VBS decorated the brown bags, which I’m sure was a cheery surprise for the kids at lunchtime!  The next day they actually helped pack the lunch bags.

Another week we asked for volunteers to show up at 7am to make the lunches and had plenty of help! For the first time, we provided a meal for a seventh week - a BBQ for 100 kids and staff.  A huge shout out of gratitude is owed to Brian Babb and Michelle Gainer for toiling over a hot grill in the steamy Toberman parking lot.  Thanks also to Phyllis Vranesh, Jeannine Black and Vicki Stone for helping serve the meal (we got off easy inside the air conditioned Toberman multi-purpose room!)

The school supply drive for the children at Toberman was also a success. We had a carload of supplies to take over for their annual “Back-to-School Event.”  As always, thank you for your support of this wonderful mission.

We continued to collect canned food every Sunday to supply the shelves at Toberman’s Food Pantry.

At our Our Loaves & Fishes meal on June 30th, as is our summer tradition, we served our guests picnic fare of fried chicken, hot dogs and salads.  This meal is always a favorite of the guests.  

Thank you so much for supporting these vital ministries of our church with your physical work and monetary donations.  Your generosity is sincerely appreciated.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this community of caring, energetic and thoughtful people.   Andrea Perez, Outreach Ministries


Rejoice In Art! 2018 (continued):

3. Volunteer for a task, as many hands make light work! You can sign up on our task board on the patio after weekly worship, or contact Lynn Attig at lynnattig@gmail.com. We are also in need of Easy Up tents, so if you have one we can borrow, please drop it in the Library with your name on it. This is an all-church event, and your help, even in a small way, is invaluable!

For more information, including profiles of the artists and a complete schedule of events, visit www.rejoiceinart.com.
Most of all, thank you for making our event the best one yet, and for sharing our RUMC hospitality with the community. It’s almost time to shine!
Lynn Attig, Director, Rejoice in Art!
P.S. We will hold a brief volunteer meeting at 11:15 a.m. immediately following worship on Sunday, September 23 in the Ocean View Room. Hope to see you there.