"Do all the good you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can."
--John Wesley

United Methodists have believed, from the beginning, that each of us is called to participate in the outreaching ministry of Jesus Christ. Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling. The people of Riviera church live our calling by reaching out into our community and into the world to provide aid and comfort to those in need.

There are many opportunities for participation and support. The following is a brief description of various service opportunities and programs at Riviera. For more information, your suggestions, or how you can join our Outreach Team, please contact the church office at office@rivieraumc.com. You need not be a member of this congregation. The only requirement is, as Martin Luther King, Jr. put it, "...a heart full of grace...a soul generated by love."

Ongoing Missions

Loaves and Fishes is the luncheon that Riviera provides to the low-income and homeless on the fifth Saturday of months containing five Saturdays. Over one hundred guests typically attend and are served a full-course home-cooked meal. In addition, brown bag sandwich meals, socks and toiletries are available for them to take as they leave. Members of our church congregation and local service organizations provide and serve the food. In addition, when the talent is available, musical entertainment is provided.

Toberman Neighborhood Center in San Pedro provides invaluable services to the surrounding community — drug and gang prevention programs, summer camping, after-school programs/tutoring, thrift shop, neighborhood and economic development, parenting effectiveness, comprehensive emergency assistance, and more. Riviera supports Toberman with our dollars (through special offerings) and our participation in the youth feeding program. Many in our congregation volunteer their time at Toberman by working with the children, on the Board of Trustees and in the Thrift Shop.

Riviera also provides assistance on an as-needed basis. Bus tokens and small bags of food are kept in the church office for emergency situations. We also participate in events such as the Angel Tree Project and Christmas gift drive for The Neighborhood in Long Beach.

There is much need right here in our community and the members of Riviera have many gifts to share. Coupled with our deep compassion, it's just a matter of finding the time and a mission program or outreach ministry that speaks to you!